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Biography: Habib Esa bin Abdul Kader bin Ahmad Al-Haddad

Biography: Habib Esa bin Abdul Kader bin Ahmad Al-Haddad

Biography: Habib Esa bin Abdul Kader bin Ahmad Al-Haddad

Biography: Habib Esa bin Abdul Kader bin Ahmad Al-Haddad

Habib Esa bin Abdul Kader bin Ahmad Al-Haddad was born in 1870 and came back to the city of his devout progenitors, the favored city of Tarim, in 1874 for thinks about. Subsequent to finishing his investigations in Tarim, Habib Esa headed out to Indonesia to settle the issues of his dad before coming back to Tarim once more. Following the last spell in Tarim, Habib Esa flew out to Singapore to set up an office at 13 Armenian Street; he spoke to his dad in setting up a trust in Singapore for the Rubaat of Tarim, an esteemed foundation of Islamic learning, with the As-Sree and Al-Juneid families. As a result of his trustworthiness and religious practices, the Arabs and non-Arab dealers believed him; they hand over their budgetary undertakings and their properties to him for either riches administration or as blessings [wakaf] in the way of Allah [fisabilillah]. Read more articles in

Habib Esa set out as often as possible to Mekkah and Madinah, for ibadah and ziyarah. In one of his visits to Madinah, he met the youthful educated researcher, Shaykh Umar bin Abdullah Al-Khatib, whose family he knew well. Shaykh Umar had left Tarim to abstain from being selected as a judge [qadhi]. Habib Esa welcomed Shaykh Umar to tail him to Singapore. Together with Habib Abdul Kader bin Abdul Rahman Al-Junied, they flew out to Jawa before touching base in Singapore.

Habib Esa was known to be careful in his dealings and this was clear in his will; he guided his trustees and his chairmen to return speculations endowed to him back to their legitimate proprietors. Habib Esa came back to Tarim in 1925 with his children, Alwi (7), Muhammad (5), and Ali (3). He passed away in the region of Hawi on Sunday, 29th Rejab 1354 [27th October 1935]. He was covered that day he passed on in Zanbal graveyard, behind his progenitor, Imam Abdullah bin Alawi Al-Haddad.

Habib Esa’s commitment to Imam Al-Haddad was reflected in the expectation [niyyat] of his wakaf; among them :

to give the upkeep to the mosques of Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad at Hawi, Masjid Al Awabin, and Masjid Hajirah

to accommodate the poor in Hawi, Tarim

to take care of Imam Al-Haddad’s maqam at As-sageefah

to help Rubaat Tarim and its understudies

In the Salsila of the Habaib, Habib Esa is known as “Alalamah Dunia wa Din” which means the educated of this life and the religion.

His siblings, Habib Ahmad and Habib Abdullah proceeded with his benevolent acts.

They were all chancellors [munsibs] of the group of Imam Al-Haddad.