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Seeing the Amazing sunrise on Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Seeing the Amazing sunrise on Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Seeing the Amazing sunrise on Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Sunrise on Mount Bromo – A normal tour of Mount Bromo is made up of seeing the sun rise on it, then moving all of the ways up into the crater. The general experience can be very enjoyable, given one understands what to anticipate. Don’t forget to keep 1 word in your mind: “audiences” This will aid in knowing what to expect.

Jeeps and cars generally drop off passengers as near as possible to the entry to the park, from where they must walk all of the ways to the view.

This could hardly be a problem, in which it not for the fact that, though it’s still totally dark outside, the place is unbelievably busy today, with cars and jeeps parked on either side of the street, forcing pedestrians to walk in the centre of the road. All the time, more cars, jeeps and motorbikes (the latter supplying an extra cab service to the entry) drive, entirely disregarding the existence of pedestrians.

Once in the entrance of this park, a footpath leads all of the way into a view, where the audience sits and waits for the sun to climb, selfie stand prepared. I guess it’s likely to spend the night on the market, since I can not explain why, coming no later than 3:30 am, the place is packaged and it’s tough to find even a little place to stand or sit, and of course to put a tripod.

A fantastic point to remember while planning to go to Mount Bromo, then, is that how hot an appeal that is with the natives, it’s likely better to go through the week and also to steer clear of Indonesian federal holidays.

Another aspect to consider is the weather is very unpredictable, and sunlight might or might not create an appearance. When I visited, I waited for the sun to appear and finally gave up there wasn’t any indication of Mount Bromo in the horizon.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to a hour to walk all of the way from the point at which the jeeps drop passengers off into the crater.

Once in the parking space, there is plenty of guys offering horse rides all of the way to the stairs that results in the crater. But, I truly urge not riding one. Really, the horses are not kept in good states. They are amazingly thin and in observable distress, and they’re whipped hard so they move quicker, even if they’re carrying tourists who may well be thicker than they are.

It’s a really sad sight, and it’s infuriating to know the very same vacationers that ride those sick treated horses come in nations where animal welfare is part of their culture. Sure, Mount Bromo is far from being recorded one of the cruelest animal draws, however I’d love to believe that people care for horses just as far as for elephants and dinosaurs.

The walk into the crater is not difficult in and of itself, but how the ground is sandy and many men and women ride horses into the surface, means that there is a good deal of dust flying about. That is why many men and women wear a bandana or scarf in their face, to guard their mouth and nose.

This is how it is for many volcanoes, really.

Practical details

Mount Bromo is situated in East Java, at approximately 4 hours drive by its funding Surabaya. A fantastic entry point to organize a visit to Mount Bromo is Probolinggo, a beautiful village that, considering how crowded and busy Indonesia feels, seems to be in the midst of nowhere.

Sunrise, Sea of Sand and Mount Bromo Crater tours normally depart in the morning, when it’s still totally dark outside. Mine abandoned Probolinggo in 2:15 am.

The advantage of opting for a guided tour is the fact that it gets the most of the time around, therefore it’s wise for men and women who do not have a lot of time to invest in the nation. When choosing to select a guided excursion, make certain it is using a responsible company — respectful of their environment rather than supplying rides on horses which are ill handled.

It’s possible to pay a visit to Mount Bromo separately, with public transport. Obviously this needs a little more preparation and way longer, particularly if wanting to view the sunrise and after that also walk into the crater.

Whether traveling alone or with a group excursion, once more let me stress that so as to take advantage of Mount Bromo, it is required to prevent seeing at weekends or even during national holidays, if it’s more probable it’ll be much more crowded than normal.

– Bring a flashlight or a head lamp: when the jeep drops off people at the entry of Mount Penanjakan it’s still dark.

– Wear layers: it is really freezing cold at Mount Penanjakan. Insert a wool coat, a scarf (that may be employed to safeguard against the dust in the future) and gloves also. I guarantee it isn’t too much.

– Wear sunglasses: it is so dusty that lavender can readily get to the eyes, and that’s painful.

– Take a little daypack: it’ll come in handy to place all the warm clothing once sunlight is up and it warms up, and also to take some water.

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Closer to Wildlife in Endau Rompin National Park

Closer to Wildlife in Endau Rompin National Park

Malaysia is one of the countries in South East Asia that has many rainforests as its natural resources. Government puts much concern on it. They use the forests only as places of recreation and environmental protection. Any development, especially for the commercial purpose, is restricted.

Endau Rompin is a popular national park in Malaysia, known as the second large after Taman Negara. As one of the oldest rainforest in the world, the park offers challenging trails, especially for adventure seekers. You can’t easily enter this area with usual vehicles. Fortunately, many tour agencies can provide the needed transportation to let you in safely.

Habitat for Wildlife Species

Wildlife is the most expected thing to see when entering Endau Rompin National Park. There are many of them, just like in Taman Negara. However, the wide space to wander around within the park makes them uneasily to be seen. If you are lucky enough, you may spot Sumatran rhinoceros, white-handed gibbon, Asian elephant, slow Loris, Malaysian tiger, wild boar, long-tail macaques, tapir, and leopards. During the bird seeing, you are probably going to be surprised with the present of hornbills and kingfishers.

Things to do

Staying at Endau Rompin National Park for a day won’t be enough. You will probably need 4 or 5 days to explore this jungle. There are many things to do such as visiting Jakun tribe village (Orang Asli), joining night safari whether by walk or ride 4×4, experiencing rubber tube rafting and seeing wonderful waterfalls. The tour agencies can make you really busy. You can choose to book a chalet room for RM100/RM150 or relax your bone at Endau Rompin Park Headquarters’ dormitory. Be sure to bring mosquito repellant and netting. If you want to join in a campsite, Park HQ can lend the tent for RM40 per night.

Endau Rompin National Park name was originally taken from the Endau River in Johor and Rompin River in Pahang that runs through the park’s boundaries. Therefore, the entry trails will start from those two areas. There are three ways to get into the park, i.e. Kampung Peta and Selena in Johor, and also Kuala Rompin in Pahang. As the roads are rough enough to pass on foot, it is highly recommended to go there by a 4×4 vehicle.

Among of the three entry points, Kampung Peta is the commonly used, about 60kms from Kahang town. There, you will find more accommodation and quick access to Orang Asli village. Just make sure you get every essential thing needed ready for your back. Take for example first aid travel kit, raincoat, dry clothes, walking shoes, socks to repellent leeches and flashlight. It seems you have a lot of money to spend.

Thailand : which shoreline is ideal for you?

Thailand : which shoreline is ideal for you?

It isn’t reasonable, truly – there are more than 200 nations around the world and Thailand has figured out how to catch an unbalanced measure of the world’s best shorelines.

These aren’t your normal extends of sand; you’re going to reveal culminate powder-delicate rises and sensational limestone precipices that pop straight out of the unimaginably clear waters. Robinson Crusoe, take that!

1. Cap Phra Nang, Railay

This excellence will sudden stunning exhibition. Culminate sand, limestone precipices and holes, emerald water and brilliant long-tail vessels make this photographic delight.

It’s little more than a comfortable alcove, and has a tendency to get swarmed in high season.

2. Cap Khao Lak

On this apparently interminable swath of brilliant, stone studded shoreline, expect crazy dusks and lethargic days. The Surin and Similan Islands and also inland wilderness parks are a simple vessel or street trip away.

3. Ko Tao

Attempting to settle on a cut of energetic sand and hermitic withdraw? Ko Tao offers a lot of both. Hit the island’s west side for tiki-burnt shoreline bars, and escape toward the eastern shores to re-institute your most loved scenes from TV’s Lost.

4. Ko Mak and Ko Kut

Take your single out calm Ko Mak: sling your loft up on a destroy shoreline or the following one over, which is similarly as immaculate and unblemished. Wilderness ier Ko Kut nearby has an astounding spread of straw colored sand too.

5. Ko Ngai

Cook on the slim, powder-white shoreline, plunge in the sandy-bottomed shallows at that point slip over the reef for clear water, solid corals and fish in abundance. Bumpy karst islands fill the skyline towards the Krabi terrain out there.

6. Ao Bang Thao, Phuket

With 8km of white sand, expect quiet oceans in the high season and surfable waves amid the low season. Try not to let the elegant Laguna Complex alarm you; this laid-back yet vivacious shoreline has something for everybody.

7. Ko Pha-Ngan

Consistently, the evening of the full moon, explorers pay tribute to the gathering divine beings with trancelike moving and neon body paint. Join the armies of basin sippers on the notorious Sunrise Beach for a definitive social occasion that shrouds all other cel.

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Cheap Hotels near TMII, Jakarta From Rp 200.000

Cheap Hotels near TMII, Jakarta From Rp 200.000

For you to come from out of town and want to spend your holiday in TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah), East Jakarta and its surroundings, Pegipegi have 10 cheap hotels near TMII which start from Rp 200 thousands. Certainly, the facilities offered are adequate. Stay adjusted wrote with the budget and needs, you can booking at


RedDoorz @ Jatiwaringin is on Jalan Jatiwaringin Raya Gang Haji Mahdi No. 105. Facilities there that can meet you include toiletries, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, non smoking room, cleaning service, and others. With a price of only Rp 248,760 * per night, you can stay at RedDoorz @ Jatiwaringin


Sofyan Inn Tebet – Halal Hotel is a two star hotel offering adequate facilities, such as toiletries, air conditioning, TV, coffee shop, restaurant, conference room, morning call and parking lot. You can stay at a hotel located on Dr. Soepomo No. 23 is priced starting from Rp 330,579 * per night


Bekasi industrial area is a 30-minute journey away, while Sudirman and Kuningan business center is approximately 25 minutes away from Ibis Jakarta Cawang. Ibis Jakarta Cawang’s air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a flat-screen cable TV, seating area and dining area with fridge and electric kettle. Toiletries and a hairdryer are provided in the private bathroom.

The friendly staff of Ibis Jakarta Cawang are ready to assist you for dry cleaning requests, use of meeting facilities and airport shuttle services that require additional fees. An outdoor pool is also provided for leisure facilities during stay. Come stay at the hotel located at Jalan MT Haryono no. 9, Cawang is priced starting from Rp 400,826 * per night


favehotel PGC Cililitan is a three star hotel with friendly service. Each room there is modern designed and equipped with toiletries, air conditioning, TV, safety box, and others. Do not forget to pamper yourself with the supporting facilities provided such as restaurant, coffee shop, conference room, room service, massage, and others.

Yuk, menginao in a hotel that is on the road Mayjen Sutoyo no. 76, Cililitan is priced starting from Rp 413.000 * per night


Park Hotel Jakarta is a 10-minute drive from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport and 45 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Room facilities provided by Park Hotel Jakarta, among others toiletries, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, safety box, and others. Meanwhile, the supporting facilities provided are gym, swimming pool, restaurant, BBQ, coffee shop, lounge, massage, conference room, bar, business center, and others.

You can stay at Park Hotel Jakarta located on D.I. Pandjaitan Kav. 5 Cawang with prices starting from Rp 480.992 * per night

Trip to the Pirate Island, Pangkor Island Malaysia

Trip to the Pirate Island, Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia is an island that consists of mountains with Pangkor Hill as the highest point on 1216 meter high.Mountains cover the whole island so that the roads are built circling around the mountainous island. Pangkor Island always has the same good weather all year long so tourists can visit anytime. There are some hotels and resorts available on the island, which are always busy in public and school holidays. Like Penang and Langkawi, the island belongs to the best places to visit when you need to enjoy traveling to a wonderful tropical island.

Pangkor Island History

Pangkor Island Malaysia was an island of pirates. The pirates used the island and the cave on it to house robbed ships and goods. In the era of Dutch colonialism, the island was used by Dutch East India Company for tin industry and they established a fort in 1670. In the British colonialism, the island renamed as a Monkey Island. When the colonialism was over the island was named as Pulau Aman or Peaceful Island and then it was renamed to Pangkor Island.

Pangkor Island Activities and Attractions

There are many attractions and activities that can be enjoyed during the trip to Pangkor Island Malaysia, such as enjoying water sports, offshore fishing and boat riding away to the beautiful smaller islands. For those who love exploring landmarks and historical building, you can see the temples, Dutch Fort, Tiger Rock that will tell you histories about the island. Otherwise, you also can try exploring the jungles by trekking on the mountainous island.

How to Get to Pangkor Island Malaysia

Pangkor Island Malaysia has an airport and you only can take the local airline Berjaya Air from Kuala Lumpur to reach the island. For a cheaper option, you also can take a public bus to the island. The public buses operate every day from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh. The bus ticket costs RM25 per person for one way trip. Besides, you also can drive by yourself to Pangkor Island. It will only take about 3.5 hours of driving from Kuala Lumpur. However, you can’t drive up to the high location of the island, so the car should be parked at the car park.

It is also possible to use a taxi to take you to Lumut, but the rate is so expensive; about RM400 for one way. From Lumut, you should take a ferry to Pangkor Island Malaysia for about 40 minutes of sailing. For those who have booked resorts on the island, you commonly should take certain boats that will directly bring you to the resorts. But you also can choose Mesra Ferry that offers upper deck so the passengers can enjoy the views along sailing.


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